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This pattern is provided free of charge for visitors to my website. It may not be reproduced or sold. It is hoped this will provide beginner stitchers the opportunity to try a simple crosstitch design, and will foster greater interest in needlework. Enjoy!

Remember — this design is a gift. This pattern is not to be sold.

It is also NOT for display on any personal web pages without advanced permission from MarNic Designs. If you have any comments, questions, or problems regarding this free design, please e-mail .

May be reproduced for individual use only. Commercial reproduction expressly prohibited.
© Copyright 2009, MarNic Designs

Tomorrow I Diet

Tomorrow I Diet - Click for a closeup view
Click image for a closeup view!
Stitch Count: 63 x 52
Design Area: 4¾" x 4"
Fabric Cut: 10¾" x 10"
Material: 14 count
Stitch Graph and
Stitch Legend, Threads and Beads:   in PDF
Pattern:   in PDF     in JPG
Color Scheme:   in PDF     in JPG

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