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Sayings and Chuckles

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

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I've Seen Better Days

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Start Each Day

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Never Drive Faster Than
Your Broom Can Fly

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Sorrows of the Heart

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Before You…

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Friends Make the World
a Better Place

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Alzheimer's Golden Rules

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Cross Stitching - Stabbing
Something 20,000 Times

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Send in the Clowns

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I'm Not Weird,
I'm a Limited Edition

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Death Before Decaf

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Turn Your Face
Towards The Sun

Happiness & Good Fortune

Water is Essential

No Thinking Before
I Speak

Enough Coffee -
Plenty of Wine

Owl Always Be With You

You're The Cream
In My Coffee

You're The Sugar
In My Tea

You're All The Eggs
In My Basket

Friendship is a
Work of Heart

Golden Rules

Where Love Is,
Miracles Happen

Coffee Chart

½ Full or ½ Empty,
Still Not Enough Coffee

What's a Little Fur
Among Friends


A Boy


Yes, I Can Drive a Stick

Liking My Coffee

How Do You Take
Your Coffee

When the Past Calls

A Gift