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These designs are the latest additions to the lineup.

A Woman Who Loves
Her Dogs and Coffee

I Will Celebrate More!

A Pet's Life

Christmas Red, White & Green

Growing Old is Not for Sissies… You Go First!

May I Live Long Enough to Scare People When I'm Driving!

Life is Fragile - Handle with Prayer

Welcome - Stork

I'm Not Old, I'm 25 plus S & H

If I'd Known Grandchildren
Were This Much Fun

No Epitaph Ever Said

Love Comes in All Shapes & Sizes

Welcome - Elephants

I Shall Wear Purple

Move Over, I Have
Things To Do

What's She Up To Now

Cats - Love

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

I've Seen Better Days

Start Each Day

Never Drive Faster Than
Your Broom Can Fly

Sorrows of the Heart

Alzheimer's Golden Rules

Before You…

Friends Make the World
a Better Place

Cats - Cat Duo

Welcome - Monarch Butterfly

Welcome - Poppy & Blackwork Butterfly

Cats - Looking at Life in a New Way

Cross Stitching - Stabbing
Something 20,000 Times

Send in the Clowns



I'm Not Weird,
I'm a Limited Edition

Death Before Decaf

Welcome - Frogs Rule

Welcome - Fox

Welcome - Cats, One Can Never Have Too Many

Welcome - Cats Are Like Chips

Owl Family

Welcome - Wilkum

Rebecca - Shopping Diva

Turn Your Face
Towards The Sun

Let Go — Embrace



Christmas Wishes



Happiness & Good Fortune

Bad Hair Day

Spay and Neuter Please

Water is Essential

No Thinking Before I Speak

Welcome - Winter

Welcome - Canada Day

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

O Tannenbaum,
O Tannenbaum

Enough Coffee -
Plenty of Wine

Owl Always Be With You

You're The Cream
In My Coffee

You're The Sugar
In My Tea

You're All The Eggs
In My Basket

Together Forever

Spay and Neuter Please


Dance Like No One
is Watching

Mandala Thailand

Spring has Sprung

Cat Family

Cat Attitude - Do You Have Yours?

Wanna Moose Around?

Hearts Come Home for Xmas

Under the Mistletoe

Merry Christmas

Paisley Cats

Friendship is a
Work of Heart

Cat Attitude - Is Everything


Pumpkin Patch Critters

Laundry Today or
Naked Tomorrow

Day of the Dead

Golden Rules

Where Love Is,
Miracles Happen

Coffee Chart


The Gossips

Blue Heron



Country Angels


Mardi Gras - Pink & Greens

Mardi Gras - Peacock

You Melt My Heart

When the Weather Brings
You Ice - SKATE!

Pucker Up



Owl Be Home For Christmas


½ Full or ½ Empty,
Still Not Enough Coffee

What's a Little Fur
Among Friends


Angel Joy

How Do You Take Your Coffee

When the Past Calls

A Gift

A Boy


Yes, I Can Drive a Stick

Liking My Coffee

Reading Opens
up my World

Reading Re-Enacts
History for Me!

Children of the Rising Sun

Love by the Garden Gate
We is Friends
We is Friends!

Children of the Midnight Sun

Life in a Fishbowl

Gonna be a Bear

Give Sorrow Words

Peace - Confucius

Icelandic Mother & Child

Dance of Freedom and Joy

Footprints We Leave in the Sand

Love Is

Dark Side of the Sun

Children Need…

Loon Family




Thanks Card

Biscornu - Sunflower

Biscornu - Waterlily