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I live in a wonderful multicultural pocket of Ontario. Mennonites regularly come down our streets delivering apples and wood in the fall. My Saturday mornings are spent grocery shopping at the St.Jacobs Farmer's Market. Waterloo region has two world renowned universities and a college. All have been attended by myself. (Laurier for my undergrad, Waterloo to work on my Masters and Conestoga College for a variety of interest and upgrading courses). My out of the box thinking is helped along by my two sons, three dogs (Great Pyrenees, Shih Tzu & Pyrenees dwarf), two cats, two goldfish and one turtle.

Having two active boys and three dogs forces me to walk along the pathways in Laurel Creek Conservation area. The boys gather sticks and proceed to play war games, as only boys can. This leaves me time to look at nature's amazing colors schemes. And, to observe how the various aspects of life come together: the trees, birds, bees, animals (above and below ground), how the rising/setting sun plays gently on the objects below, how the sun bleaches out the color on mid-day photographs, the crunch of the fall leaves beneath my feet, the soft feel of the white pine needles that line my path, etc...

Grist Mill

I invite retail inquiries. Please contact me for details. If you have any questions or concerns regarding my work please contact me by phone at 519-574-7477 or via . I will make every effort to respond to you as quickly as possible.